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4 Ways To Infuse A Love For Learning In Children – Jonah Engler

Learning plays an important role in the upbringing of children. You cannot infuse a love of learning in children because children are naturally born with the habit of learning. From the moment they are born, they are learning something. They are eager to explore new things, which helps them develop skills.

According to Jonah Engler, there are several ways to infuse the love of learning in children, according to Jonah Engler. These are mentioned below:

1.    Discover interest and passion in children – Jonah Engler

Interest and passion in children are discovered by learning the topics in which they have an interest in pursuing. The key to knowing a child’s potential is by knowing their interest and helping to develop them. Parents should talk to children more often; they should know what they are doing, reading, watching, and learning.

Parents should arrange excursions and educational activities for their children; they can take them to zoos, museums, and other educational seminars. Also, they can arrange books for them so that their reading habits can be developed. All these activities can glimmer interest in them.

2.   Provide Hands-on Learning – Jonah Engler

Hands-on learning is the most effective way of learning for a kid. A study shows that it’s the most enjoyable way of learning. Most children dislike reading from a textbook or copying notes; however, hands-on activities will allow them to enjoy the learning experience. Parents should provide them chances at home like if your child is learning about animals in school, they should take them to visit the zoo or if a child is studying to be an artist, take them to a certain museum. Parents should make hands-on learning adventures for their children. They should try to arrange activities to enhance their mindset and improve their creativity. These experiences will help your child learn more effectively and will boost their potential.

Dry and boring subjects can become more enjoyable through songs, academic games, and creative activities. These activities allow children to learn faster and quicker. You can be creative with the plans and work on BINGO that is based on academics. You can line up the crossword puzzles with the geographical knowledge that they need to learn. Incorporate the Scientific names and formulas in the form of word searches so that the children have fun doing it and enjoy the learning process without even realizing it. Another way of making learning more fun is to use brain breaks. Brain Breaks are short, silly activities that help children to be more focused and energized. All of these will allow children to see learning as more fun and less stressful.

4.    Have Informative Discussions, Not Lectures – Jonah Engler

Learning should be more like a conversation that enables your child to participate, not just a lecture that does not allow them to participate. Make your child ask questions frequently so it will help them to be more involved in the discussion. It creates a learning opportunity for the children who ask questions. Asking open-ended questions can lead children to reach a higher level of critical thinking and problem-solving.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to promote learning in children. Follow these four tips by Jonah Engler and allow your children to learn in the best manner.