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4 Ways To Spread Love As Per Jonah Engler

Love – we can all agree, is a beautiful and absolutely delightful feeling. It is something that can truly change a person and their lives as well. With love, you can spread joy all around and scatter smiles wherever you go.

According to Jonah Engler, love is a beautiful feeling that can spread a huge smile on anybody’s face.

If you wish to spread love, you can do so in many, many ways. Jonah Engler suggests a few methods that can help you in spreading love all around:

1. Learn To Appreciate People  – Jonah Engler

While everyone craves compliments and appreciation, we often forget to pass on compliments to others. Remember, it might even make their day if you compliment them or appreciate something that they do.

It can be something small or big, but remember, appreciation helps in making a person happy and helps you in spreading love.

If someone cooks well, appreciate them. If someone is looking pretty, tell them that they are looking good. If someone sends you a box of donuts, remember to get them something along with a thank you, as well. If someone lends you a shoulder during tough times, take out the time to send them a beautifully written gratitude letter. These are little things that can help you in spreading smiles all around, and it would also help the people in your life to feel appreciated.

2. Learn To Smile More Often – Jonah Engler

According to Jonah Engler, a smile is something that would take the least amount of effort from your side yet send a joyful message to the people around you. Giving a stressed new mommy who is struggling with her kid a smile of appreciation and a nod to let her know that she is doing a good job can actually help boost her mood for the entire day.

It helps you to spread joy and kindness and is actually linked with many social, physical as well as positive mental effects on the body of a human.

So pass on those beautiful smiles all around and make everyone happy and content.

3. Learn To Listen – Jonah Engler

Listening is a love language that most people do not try to understand. While you can love to talk about yourself, lending an ear is just as important. Do not interrupt people or check your messages when someone is talking or sharing. Be empathetic and do not share your own difficulties when they are sharing theirs – remember, it is not a competition.

4. Volunteer – Jonah Engler

You can volunteer anywhere you want; it can be at the senior center or anywhere you like. Do something productive with it and try to put smiles on the face of the people. Volunteering can give you peace and help others through it too.


According to Jonah Engler, these four things will help you in spreading love and joy to people around you. Be patient with people and learn to be empathetic with them.