Jonah Engler’s Perspective on How to Empower Kids Through Philanthropy

“Philanthropy” is a Greek word- Philos means loving and Jonah Engler’s an theropods meaning human being, in short, love of mankind. All through history, philanthropy plays a crucial part as it impacts people's wellbeing directly. Jonah Engler, a renowned philanthropist, has a passion when it comes to the well-being of children, particularly the psychological facets. He is promoting children's psychological well-being through child-parent activities through media like story-telling, drama, and music. Besides, he organizes educational talks, public performances, exhibitions, and workshops. Jonah Engler Emphasizes the Need to Teach Philanthropy  According to Engler, the younger the kid is when the topic starts about giving, automatically. The more this will turn into a habit and practice, which will continue into adulthood. Kids that perform the act of kindness will experience acceptance, popularity, and increased wellbeing among peers. In return, this will result in higher academic achievement and better classroom behavior. Where to Kick Start? Jonah Engler’s Often parents are in a dilemma on how to begin teaching kids about philanthropy. Relax, there are many means, activities, and causes through which kids can get involved in various philanthropic acts, irrespective of financial means. Apart from fundraising and volunteering, families are getting involved with families that are like-minded in giving circles. Are Kids Learning and What? With philanthropic organizations that are family-based, donor kids are benefitting akin to recipients. Kids learn…

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