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Creating a Nurturing Environment for Kids

Jonah Engler

It can be difficult to provide for a child’s physical needs such as food, clothing, shelter, etc. However, Jonah Engler says that providing for their emotional needs is even more difficult. However, this is something that you can’t ignore. Nurturing a child’s emotional health is essential since it is the foundation for an emotionally healthy adulthood.

A peaceful and calm environment is essential for kids to feel emotionally secure. The less stressful their lives are, the better it is for their emotional well-being. It is understandable that every home has its own issues and problems but not letting your children get affected by them is what matters the most.

If you are struggling to provide a better environment for your kids, there are some small steps that you can take to address this. Keep reading to learn some tips by Jonah Engler on creating a secure environment for your kids!

How to Create a Nurturing Environment?

“Do Not Mishandle Conflicts”

Handling conflicts in a mature and peaceful is the first step that you want to take. This does not only apply to your conflicts with your kids but also to the ones that you have with your spouse. Expressing your anger through yelling and any type of physical violence is the worst way to let your kids know that you are upset.

It will develop a fear in them and will drive them away. Keep in mind that your kids will learn how to deal with difficult situations by watching you. So, make sure that you are teaching them the right way to do it, says Jonah Engler.

Discipline Them But Do It Right

It is important for parents to discipline their kids when they do something wrong. However, you should never mistake disciplining your child for punishing them. Make sure that you discipline them constructively and fairly. Do not inflict physical punishments on children.

Children that get punished physically when they’re young lack confidence and develop an abusive nature in their adulthood.  The dynamics of every family are different and every child has a different nature and way of learning. Make sure that you learn about their behaviors and mindsets before your discipline them.

“Set Some Sensible Boundaries”

The most efficient way of making your kids feel nurtured and safe is to set some sensible boundaries. Having a sense of organization and order will help them learn what needs to be done and how. You have to be realistic about setting the rules and make sure that you explain why the rules are important. Another very important thing is to make sure that you follow the rules yourself, says Jon Doe. The kids will learn by watching you, and you have to lead them by example.

In a Nutshell

To put it simply, it is just as important for parents to focus on their kid’s emotional well-being as it is on their physical well-being. Every child has a different way of learning and perceiving things, according to Jonah Engler. Parents need to make sure that they discipline their kids the right way without punishing them physically. Moreover, you need to handle conflicts well and set boundaries for your kids to learn and act accordingly