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Effective Parenting Tips from Jonah Engler for Bringing up a Happy Kid

Jonah Engler Parents are often confronted with the question, what they would want for their children. And the most common reply would be that they simply want their kids to be happy. You may be having easy access to lots of information for raising successful and smart children but still. You would need to get some guidance from experts about raising happy kids. At times, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a balance between what makes children happy and what is best for them. However, the two are not mutually exclusive. We know happy children would grow up to be accomplished and successful adults.

Experts believe that raising kids could be a pretty difficult task in itself so raising happy kids. Could prove to be even more overwhelming in the long run. Parenting a child properly and ensuring that he becomes a happy individual cannot be accomplished by simply providing him with mere basics. For raising a happy kid it becomes mandatory on your part to make a few modifications in your parenting method or style.

Tips from Jonah Engler to Assist You in Raising a Happy Child

According to Jonah Engler, happiness is of pivotal importance in today’s highly competitive world that focuses on performance. Generally, a happy individual is supposed to be far more successful at both love and work in comparison to unhappy individuals. Happy individuals usually gain better performance reviews, they bag prestigious jobs and even earn higher salaries. Happy people are more likely to opt for marriage and when they commit themselves. To marital bond and relationship they are supposed to be more happy and contented with their marital life. So let us explore what all go into the raising of a happy kid.

Jonah Engler Wants You Focus on Your Happiness

It is important to be happy. If you are happy you could raise successful and happier children. We know that extensive research has been successful in establishing a considerable connection between a mother’s depression and its adverse impact on her kids.  We understand that parental depression or unhappiness could be resulting in certain behavioral issues in children. Moreover, depression could at times make parenting quite futile and less effective.

You must work at gaining happiness and a positive frame of mind. Devote some time every week for having some fun and merry-making with friends.  Since laughter is known to be contagious, plan on hanging around more with people who brighten your day with their laughter. According to studies by neuroscientists, when you hear someone laugh, it would end up triggering mirror neurons in that part of your brain that would be making listeners feel that they are laughing.

Remember no amount of parties, games, or activities would be effective if you are not brimming with happiness. Your kid would sense that much faster than others. He would tend to believe that’s how life is supposed to be. Do not forget that happiness is surely contagious. Make sure that you are happy only then your child would feel happy.

Jonah Engler Says Give Top Priority to Building Robust Relationships

Everybody understands the importance of learning about relationships. However, very few parents dedicate time and effort in teaching their children ways to connect and relate to others. You must teach your kids to give top priority to building robust relationships. It doesn’t require too much effort. You could simply start by motivating children to keep performing little acts of kindness for building empathy. This helps in developing essential skills in your child. This makes him a better person and research reveals that it would make them happier in the long run.

We understand that leading your life is something personal, however, the social aspect would be giving a whole new dimension to your life. Close friends and family fill your lives with happiness and lots to cherish about.  Children could easily bond with close friends and family but they need to learn ways of connecting with even your neighbors and acquaintances. By developing robust relationships, he could be empowered and would be filled with happiness.

Jonah Engler Insists that You Are Free to Expect Effort but Not Perfection

Perfectionist parents are always nagging about achievements and this surely messes kids up. As per, it is okay to have healthy high expectations but over expectation is sure to backfire. Parents who are confident and mentally strong realize that their children simply cannot excel at everything. Such parents never believe in comparisons hence they do not believe in pushing their children to become better than everybody instead they emphasize the need to sharpen and polish their inherent skills and qualities to become a better person. Your kid could be encouraged to become the very best version of himself. Parents who are constantly over-focusing on achievement would most probably have children with high levels of anxiety, depression, and even substance abuse in comparison to other children.

Jonah Engler Believes in Being Realistic & Allowing Both Success and Failure

If you wish to fortify your kid’s self-esteem and make him truly happy, you must concentrate on providing him with abundant opportunities for learning and mastering new skills. Mastery is supposed to be the perfect self-esteem builder and not praise. You must offer mental and emotional support to your kids and motivate them to take pride in doing things they are good at or capable of doing.

Jonah Engler Urges You to Listen to Your Kid

Many kids would be communicating their emotions and feelings to their parents. They need to be sure that they could freely talk about everything and their parents would certainly understand precisely what he must be going through. You need to devote some time and drop everything you are doing and listen to your kid.


Remember your kid would be cherishing the memories associated with you. You must indulge in a host of fun-filled activities. Play with him and against him as well. It is surely pretty challenging to raise a child with a happy mindset. The right interaction, feedback, and even moderate guidance could be the most effective way of making your kids happy.