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Jonah Engler: 3 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Foster Parent

Adopting children and giving them a new home is nothing but a great deed that brings countless blessings to your life. However, you must know already that with great reward comes great responsibility, but not everyone is mindful of that.

Deciding to adopt a child or become a foster parent is not an easy choice to make. Sometimes it takes years for couples to reach this decision, and then finding the right child who can fit your lifestyle is another issue. But most people forget to think it through and make a rash decision to adopt a child. While we understand there are a lot of sentiments attached to bringing a child into your home, this is not a decision that should be made based on emotions.

If you plan to adopt and raise a child that is not biologically yours, you will have to take your time to think it through. There are many things to consider before you make the big decision, therefore, Jonah Engler decided to list down three things that everyone must keep in consideration before becoming a foster parent.

Jonah Engler: 3 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Foster Parent

1.     Consider Your Physical and Mental Health

Adopting and raising a child is not an easy job – it requires your time, dedication, and physical presence. While this may be painful to hear, it is not healthy to bring a child into your life if you are not physically or mentally fit to take care of them. A child needs a parent who can be emotionally and physically available and is able to fulfill their needs. Jonah Engler suggests, if you have a mental condition or physical illness, it is best to delay your decision to adopt a child till you are fit yourself.

2.     Consider Your Family Dynamics

Before bringing a child into your house, you need to consider your family dynamics. Your child will not only be a part of your life, but they will become a part of your family, and you need to make sure everyone in your family, or at least people present in your house, are willing to accept them.

This is especially important when you already have kids – ask your kids if they are willing to welcome another sibling in their house or not? It’s unethical to adopt a child and make them feel unwanted in the house you want them to call theirs. If you are not on good terms with your family, wait till the situation calms down. According to Jonah Engler, bringing a child into a broken family with fights and arguments will mentally disturb them.

3.     Consider Your Financial Condition

There is no better way to say this – kids are an expensive investment, and if you can’t afford to have one, don’t adopt one – it is simple as that. If you think you are not financially stable, adopting a child will not magically fix your money problems. In fact, it will worsen them, and you don’t want that. Adopt a child when you think you are financially capable of affording their needs and wants. Moreover, according to Jonah Engler, adopting a child is a long-term commitment, so that you can back off halfway; hence only make this decision when you are financially ready to do it.

Jonah Engler Recommends you to Consider These Things

Adopting a child is a great feeling, especially when you don’t have any of your own. This child can be a ray of hope or an element of blessing in your house – but if you are not ready or stable, you can actually ruin their lives and health. Hence, always remember before becoming foster parents, it is essential to consider yourself, your family, and your financial position.