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Jonah Engler Focuses on the Importance of Gardening to Improve Your Health

Jonah Engler gardening is a hobby that lifts your mood and rejuvenates your mind and soul. It also teaches the life lesson of working hard to bear fruitful results. When you dig the soil, sow the seeds, plant trees, grow vegetables and fruits, and water the plants, all these are immediate mood-boosters for kids and adults alike. When you see a plant bearing colorful flowers, a result of your hard work, it makes your day. Gardening benefits your physical and mental health.

According to an article published on, there is much importance of creativity in your kid’s life. Besides teaching your child how to plant trees, you can encourage him or her to think out of the box. Read on to learn more about the importance of gardening to help you stay healthy.

Jonah Engler believes gardening boosts mental well-being

Both kids and adults find nature, healing. And comforting when one is sad or depressed. When you plant a flowering shrub in your garden, it is not only a great physical exercise but also has a positive effect on your emotional health.

Just as meditation and yoga, gardening helps you to have clear thinking and improves your concentration. Did you know that gardening reduces the risks associated with Alzheimer’s disease? Gardening is also beneficial for patients plagued with dementia. And boosts overall health and well-being.

Motivates you to eat healthy food

When you teach your child gardening, he or she learns to eat healthy, fresh vegetables and fruits right from your kitchen garden. Jonah Engler loves gardening, growing vegetables, and so he has learned to eat healthy with all the essential nutrients in his daily meals. This way, you learn to appreciate the food you eat because your hard work is involved in digging, sowing, planting, and water the plants.

According to an article published on, it’s recommended you embrace careful living during the corona lockdown. Gardening is one such activity.

Gardening not makes the environment safer but also helps you eat fresh vegetables and avoid junk food. Plant your favorite tress or flowering shrub and live a happy, satisfying life.

Improves your sleep

When you or your child toils hard digging soil, sowing seeds, planting trees, and finally watering the plants daily, it helps to improve your sleep. The physical exertion involved in gardening makes you tired, which is beneficial to induce sleep. It is a good type of exercise to help sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Gardening also reduces stress that in turn helps you to sleep better at night. When you have a peaceful mind and stay calm, there is no problem to help you sleep better. There are no wakeful nights if you can do some gardening daily. It works on adults and children equally. Besides improved sleep, gardening also helps you to become patient.


Now that you know about the benefits of gardening, take up this hobby with your kids. It is a wonderful experience to help you eat nutritious food and stay healthy.