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Jonah Engler – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Sleep Problems in Toddlers

Research shows that 20-30% of parents of toddlers and young children have reported that their child faces significant difficulty falling or staying asleep. Toddlers may be having this problem due to various reasons. Some toddlers have trouble because there isn’t any set sleep schedule, some have separation anxiety and can’t seem to fall asleep without their parents, and some are simply growing older and won’t sleep as many hours as they did before.

Jonah Engler– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  What causes sleep problems in toddlers?

There is no one reason that may be causing sleeping issues in your toddler. Several factors such as growing older, change of environment, change in routine, separation anxiety from parents, nightmares and bedtime fears, etc. contribute to sleep problems in toddlers.

Sleep problems aren’t always serious and may go away by letting your child adjust with time. However, if the symptoms feel severe to you, then you should consider visiting a pediatrician to diagnose the problem.  

2.  What do you do when your toddler won’t sleep- Jonah Engler?

There are several remedies and tricks that you can incorporate to make sleep time more comfortable for your child. First, you need to identify the cause of sleep problems. Is your toddler’s bedtime routine consistent? Do you make them sleep on schedule every day? Are they scared of bedtime? Is their energy and excitement level too high around bedtime to sleep?

Once you identify the problem, it would be easier to deal with it. In most cases, keeping a fixed sleep schedule helps tremendously. If your child is scared of bedtime, you need to monitor the content they are consuming and the way others interact with them.    

3.  Why does my toddler keep waking up at night- Jonah Engler?

There could be many reasons why your young child wakes up in the middle of the night. They could be scared because of nightmares, or their room may not completely be noise-free. It’s very important to provide your kids with a soothing environment at night.

Another common reason for kids waking up at night is because they’ve had their required hours of sleep. You need to realize that your kid isn’t a baby anymore and doesn’t require as many hours of sleep as before. By reducing the hours of nap time during the day, you can fix this problem. 

4.  Why does my 2-year-old take so long to fall asleep?

As kids grow older, their required hours of sleep become shorter. Babies sleep all the time, but toddlers don’t. This transition sometimes causes a problem falling asleep. Make sure you keep a fixed sleep schedule to help them get used to a routine.




It’s normal for children to have sleep issues, and it’s all part of the growing-up journey. You shouldn’t be too consumed with worry unless you feel it’s seriously affecting your child’s development, and no remedy is useful.