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Jonah Engler: Reasons Why it is Healthy to Raise Kids Around Pets

Couples who are also pet lovers often struggle to choose between the two. When there are kids already in the equation, couples are often skeptical about deciding whether or not they should get a pet. And similar to pets already present in the house, most couples often take the painful decision to let go of their pets when planning to have children. But Jonah Engler doesn’t understand why there is a need to pick between kids and pets?

There is a common misconception around raising kids and pets together. Couples, especially newly weds, are always worried about the increasing work, health impacts, and financial burden of keeping kids and pets in the same house. However, they don’t realize that having pets around is healthy for kids, and the two make it easier for parents to raise and keep them.

If you are also skeptical about keeping pets around your kids and not sure how that will workout, we will make it easy for you. Here are 4 reasons why it is healthy to raise kids around pets.

Jonah Engler – 4 Reasons Why You Must Raise Kids Around Pets

1.     Pets Make a Great Companion for Kids

Kids share a very strong and special bond with pets and often make them their closest friend. When kids are around pets – be it a dog or cat – from an early age, they tend to get attached to them and often consider them their best buddy. This is very healthy for kids, especially those who do not have siblings. As per Jonah Engler, pets never let kids feel lonely and become fun companions for them.

2.     Pets Help Reduce Stress

This is not only true for kids but also for adults; pets always help reduce mental stress and  they calm people down. This becomes a great help for parents who want a way to deal with their toddler’s tantrums and constant mood swings. Pets increase happy hormones in kids, and their cuteness and adorable behavior help reduce stress.

3.     Pets Make Kids Better Learners

As we mentioned earlier, pets become great friends to kids and often turn into their confidants. When kids don’t have many friends or when their parents cannot share time with them– they resort to their pets to share stories and talk to them. Even though pets can’t verbally communicate with them, kids learn to understand their language and get familiar with their behavior, making them mentally stronger. Moreover, according to Jonah Engler, kids become most confident infront of their pets and become faster learners.

4.     Pets Help Kids Learn Empathy

Living with a pet from a very young age teaches you many values, one of which is empathy. Having pets around makes kids empathetic because they are willing to understand how their pet feels and what they need, even when their pet can’t communicate it to them.

Jonah Engler’s Recommends to Raise Kids with Pets

Thus, Jonah Engler recommends it is great to have pets around your kids and raise them together in one place. There is no need to make the tough decision to choose between the two; if you are a pet lover, it is even better for you to have the two grow up happy and healthy together.