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Jonah Engler  Tips for Becoming a Good Father

Becoming a father is a blessing that not many get to enjoy – the joy you get from holding a mini-you in your hands for the first time is unexplainable. But joy is not the only thing that a newborn baby brings with itself – with a newborn baby in your house comes a lot of responsibility and it requires some serious work. However, most new dads are unaware of how they can help with a newborn baby and put their fair share of effort in raising a child.

While there is no doubt that a mother plays a much bigger role in raising a newborn baby, a father’s role is also very essential. You might think your job is to achieve financial stability for your family, but that’s not true; as a father, you must be present emotionally and physically to raise your newborn baby.

If you are a newborn baby’s father, this article is for you. Jonah Engler realizes that new fathers struggle to play a role in raising newborn babies and leave most of the work to the mother; therefore, he brought you a few tips that can help you become a good father to your newborn baby.

Jonah Engler: Tips for Becoming a Good Father to Newborn Baby

Communicate with your Baby

This might sound funny; newborn babies hardly keep their eyes open, so how can you go and communicate with them? Don’t worry, let us elaborate. You might not know this, but newborn babies are very responsive to their environment; they take what they hear, learn what they see, and try to talk  – obviously in their own way.

As a father, to build a bond with your baby from a very early age, you need to communicate with them from the very start. Most new dads don’t spend enough time bonding with their baby which makes the newborn more accustomed to their mother’s touch. If you don’t want your baby to cry everytime you hold your child, make your newborn familiar with your voice, your smell, and your touch by constantly communicating with them. Even though your baby can’t respond to you with words, they do reply through their actions – you only have to focus.

Engage in Baby Chores

You don’t want your newborn baby to be comfortable just with their mother; you are here to play an equal role, so you will have to engage yourself in chores related to your baby. Jonah Engler believes it’s about time we ditch traditional parenting where fathers leave all the responsibilities to their partners.

To prove yourself a good father to your newborn baby, you will have to engage in their chores from the very start. This will allow you to bond with your little baby and keep you aware and updated with your baby’s routine, such as their eating habits and sleep timings.

Prioritize your Relationship with Your Partner

As a good father, there is one thing that you must do for your child, and that is take care of your partner. You might not understand this, but your relationship with your partner has a huge impact on your child and their mental health. A child needs happy and healthy parents to grow happy and healthy themselves – and that is only possible if you two take care of each other.

In the case of newborn babies, all mothers are perpetually exhausted. Labor, breastfeeding, and postpartum depression is just the tip of the iceberg – among other things, the best way to grow through parenthood is by being a supportive partner. As a good father, you need to make sure your partner is well taken care of. A nurturing and supportive environment is exactly what’s needed for a healthy atmosphere to raise a child.   


Jonah Engler emphasizes the role of a father in a newborn baby’s life. Our society has always put the pressure of a newborn baby on the mother. Even though a father also has the same, if not more, responsibilities in this case. Therefore, here are tips that you must follow to be a good father to your baby.