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Jonah Engler’s Advice On Teaching Kids To Be Grateful

In the era of smartphones, when a  young kid is seen carrying an expensive iPhone, teaching gratitude to your child is very important.  There are some tips recommended by Jonah Engler that can help your children become grateful.

1.   Show Your Kids Gratitude – Jonah Engler

While it is quite an easy one, people often miss doing this. The kids must see you expressing gratitude. Observing the parents and learning from them is something that all the children do. Model behavior that you want them to pursue.

If you need to instill a feeling of gratitude in them, do it in a way that provides a chance for the kids to learn from you.

It can be something small like you can just look at the weather and express: Such beautiful weather, so glad that I could enjoy nature with you.

Or it can be as you unpacked the groceries: So many things to keep, so fortunate that we can get all these healthy things. 

Even though it may not look like much, it helps your child understand that we should be thankful for everything.

2.   Assigning Chores Of The House – Jonah Engler

One more thing to teach your kids gratitude is that you need to assign house chores to your kids. This will help build responsibility in them and also helps in nurturing a sense of gratitude in them.  Lead with simple chores; it can be setting the table, or clearing the table, then you can proceed with training them to do their laundry. Assign them to chop salads or whip up some quick meals.

3.   Hunt For Inspiring Moments That Take Place In That Day – Jonah Engler

It is important to brim your life with positivity and gratitude. If the sunset is simply amazing, you can always express it. If the laughing baby is capturing your attention, express it to your children and tell them that these small things inspire you. This will help you in sharing moments that are full of gratitude with your kids, allowing them to be grateful.

4.   Encourage Regular Habits That  Teach Gratitude – Jonah Engler

Ensure you encourage habits in the house that help your children express their gratitude. Build these habits so that this grateful attitude becomes part of their nature.

Some things that you may establish are mentioned below:

  1. During dinner, make it a habit to share anything you are grateful for. This can go on until everybody gets a turn. It does not have to be something big but small things.
  2. During bedtime, you can talk about things that you are grateful for as well as read stories that have a positive impact on their lives.
  3. Practice saying “thank you” whenever someone does something good for you. Make it a habit to say it for everything, so the kids do not take anything for granted.


Make sure you teach your children gratitude so they learn to express it. This will allow them to be thankful for everything in life rather than taking everything for granted.