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Jonah Engler’s personal wellness goals for women in 2020

Jonah Engler’s It’s 2020, and women have come a long way in claiming their space in personal and professional spheres. But the struggle hasn’t ended yet. Even today, women need to fight for pay parity and gender discrimination in several professional quarters. Personally, many women still have to burn both ends of the candle to attain their dreams. Hence, taking care of the body and mind is essential. The current pandemic has made the world function almost in “sleep mode,” but still, people are working from home. Since women today have more time at home, they can utilize this to shape their wellness routine and list down essential goals.

Here’s how Jonah Engler can help

Jonah Engler’s term “personal wellness goals” today has acquired a fancy ring to it, because of the emerging boutique health clubs and meditation centers. In simple terms, these goals refer to choosing a set of lifestyle habits that include high-quality lifestyle choices. Usually, it’s a blend of food, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and many more. Jonah Engler, a wellness enthusiast, shares some of the crucial personal wellness goals for women to lead a high-quality life.

  1. Making sleep a ritual

Gone are the days when sleep was considered just a necessity. The latest scientific discoveries and holistic findings suggest that sleep is a recovery process for the body. It is a time when the body and mind cleanse and heals itself in miraculous ways. Hence, women’s attitudes toward sleep should change.

Jonah Engler’s the age-old habit of getting into bed when you are entirely fatigued will not work wonders. Women need to time their sleep and add a ritual to it. It means, instead of merely crashing into bed, it would do a lot good if they can take a few minutes to chant a gratitude prayer. It could be self-written or taken from a book. Also, writing things to focus on the next day gives a purpose of waking up. It’s good to set the alarm when you are likely to get up, instead of when you think you should get up. It is essential to identify sleep as an inspiring ritual.

  • Journaling helps in organizing thoughts

Our elders inculcated the habit of writing a diary during our childhood days! It’s a practice that can benefit women, both homemakers, and professionals. The method of journaling thoughts helps to give women the much-required perspective in life. Often confusion in the domestic front and office occurs because we are not clear about our ideas. Journaling helps us to get connected to our feelings and state of mind. It helps women to accept all that they are feeling and then use it to make the necessary shifts in personal and professional life. The practice of journaling brings a sense of clarity and focus.

  • Nature or sun gazing enhances brain capacity

Jonah Engler’s gazing at any object, animate or inanimate has a calming effect on the mind. Ancient philosophers and mystics often emphasized on the unmatched benefits of sun and nature gazing. In its pure form, sun gazing is all about looking at the sun, with focus, but without harming your retina. And nature gazing is the same, where you stare at the scenery around. Ideally, both should be done during early morning hours when the sun is pleasant to gaze at, and the rays aren’t too intense for the eyes.

The stillness that you experience while gazing at the sun, or a tree, lake, tree leaves, sky, butterflies, birds, and the like around, has a soothing effect on your mind and body. It helps to balance the hormones and eradicates anxiety and stress in subtle ways. If you find sun gazing challenging, nature gazing is an excellent place to start. Set a timer for this, for instance, ten to fifteen minutes. You can follow it up with meditation, which will enhance your cognitive capacities and make you respond aptly to people and situations gradually.

  • Explore new places

Travelling has a therapeutic effect on many women! The daily personal chores and professional goals, often makes life mundane and appear restricted. It is essential to give your mind a break from it all. Traveling to a new place that you haven’t explored before helps you revive back and balance your mind and body. It adds a natural flow of energy to your otherwise stagnant life. Ideally, you should travel once or twice annually, to new places and explore its habitat and lifestyle. You could also opt-in for weekend tours, that are affordable and feel rejuvenated.

  • Don’t hesitate to seek counseling

The pressure to be perfect often makes many women succumb to the stress and anxiety that results from it. Hence, it is essential to let go and speak to an expert, to get yourself together and live a better life. Talking to a counselor isn’t something that you should avoid. Gone are the days when it used to be a taboo. Today, it’s a necessity for most women. You can seek an online coach or offline counselor and share your worries and dilemma. Their guidance can help you reconsider a few decisions and walk towards a better life. Also, take as many sessions as you want to sort out the issues that haunt you and stop you from becoming your best version.

  • Pursue happiness every day

Every person needs to pursue their joy every day. And the definition of happiness varies from one woman to the other. Hence, make a list of activities that brings you joy and pleasure. It could be a blend of creating artwork, painting, cooking, reading a book, decorating the house, writing stories, and many more. Once you start catering to your happy core, you will lead an inspired and meaningful life.

Wellness acquires different meanings for different women. You need to take time to decide the elements in your life that refer to wellness and start following the same diligently. In today’s competitive business world, it is slightly challenging for women to succeed if they don’t have a confident and robust core. Other than exercise, the above-mentioned activities help a woman to feel complete from within and thereby go ahead and attain their goals.