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Jonah Engler’s Single Father Guide to Raise an Infant

Being a single father is not easy, especially when one has to look after a newborn.

According to Jonah Engler, single fathers can take care of their infants by following a few tips and tricks and by being patient and tolerant. After all, getting overwhelmed is quite common when one is doing it for the first time and alone.

Jonah Engler‘s Single Father Guide to Raise an Infant


If you are a single parent, that means your child is short of one guardian already. As per Jonah Engler, that is no reason to panic.

Instead of your child bonding with a female figure, now your baby can bond with you! For that, you have to make sure to give proper time and attention to your newborn.

A lot of people say that babies do not worry about attention. The truth is, they do. In fact, a parent’s attention toward their newborn determines a lot about the future. It shapes their personality and builds in them a sense of trust.

Jonah Engler’s List of Essentials

Now that you are ready to bond with your child, there are a few things that can help. This list of essentials works wonders, as per Jonah Engler, and helps single dads ensure they are well prepared when taking care of their baby.

  • Lots and lots of diapers. Their need never ends.
  • Water-based wet wipes. They can help in getting your baby clean in no time. Along with that, they reduce irritation and are gentle on the skin.
  • You will need some rash cream. By some, we mean a lot. It is very common for babies to get rashes. When they do get one, they can get cranky too. A medicated rash cream works wonders to soothe them down.
  • A suitable baby formula supply. The best way to feed your newborn is with formula milk. Consulting your baby’s pediatrician is a good option before buying one.
  • A soft straddle to help them sleep. Babies love being held. It gives them a sense of security. One of the best ways to do that is with the help of a straddle. All you have to do is wrap your baby up, and they will fall asleep before you know it.
  • Never forget the car seat. Your baby needs to be safe on the road. You will need to ensure that the car seat is strapped facing backward to increase safety.
  • Baby-friendly toys will keep them occupied. New horns cannot do much rather than move your baby’s arms and legs. Yet, they love things with patterns, especially if they make sounds. This also helps with their motor and sensory development.
  • Do not forget the tummy time! Because you do not want your child to feel gassy. If they do, then they will cry.

Do Not Forget Yourself as per Jonah Engler

In the end, do not forget to take care of yourself. According to Jonah Engler, an intact needs a healthy parent to be healthy themselves. So, do not be too hard on yourself. Try your best. And do not forget to rest up.

Trust yourself and be the greatest dad ever!