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Surviving the COVID-19 anxiety and the lockdown – Jonah Engler shares how to make staying at home safe and inspiring

Jonah Engler at the end of 2019, people did hear a faint cry about the novel coronavirus. But since it got localized only in China, the world thought it to be another seasonal flu. However, as 2020 progressed, the COVID-19 got declared as a pandemic. And by now, it has taken many lives, infected many others, and has kept the whole world in a lockdown situation. There’s no option for people other than maintaining social distancing and staying at home. The news updates concerning the possibility of a treatment or vaccine sounds promising. As that indicates the promise of getting back to a normal life. Since there’s no final date guaranteed, individuals need to stay secure and balanced at home.

Jonah Engle emphasizes on maintaining the safety protocols

Jonah Engler Several health and medical organizations have emphasized the relevance of safety and cleanliness protocols. It’s is misleading to think that because you are locked up at home, you don’t need to maintain the same. Instead, Jonah Engler a supporter of the clean and sanitized environment and living conditions suggests the following:

  • If you’ve stepped out of the house to make an essential purchase, wash your hands immediately after stepping home. Make sure to rinse your hands for 20 to 30 seconds and wash it with water. Even when you are at home, take time to wash your hands after cleaning your room, dusting the bookshelves, mopping the floor, cleaning utensils, and the like. Use a hand sanitizer after that to clean your hands as well.
  • If you have purchased packed food and groceries from the supermarket, make sure to sanitize the parcels and food packets with a sanitizer first. Once you have sanitized these boxes and parcels, you can use the same.
  • Drink a cup of warm water with lemon/honey twice or thrice a day. Warm water with citrus juice helps to clean infections and bacteria from the body. It has a cleansing effect. Additionally, it also cleans up the throat and washes away existing throat irritations or infections.
  • Make sure not to touch your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth if you have touched a dirty surface.
  • Always cover your face with a tissue when you are about to sneeze and dispose it at the earliest. That way, you can prevent even the common flu-virus from spreading across your house. It will help to maintain the immunity of you and your family members.
  • Should you notice any questionable bodily changes in a family member or you, make sure to seek medical help at the earliest.
  • When you have delivery persons delivering daily groceries or other staples, make sure to wear gloves and a mask while accepting the parcel. Also, try and make card payments, as cash payments have a chance to spread the virus.

Jonah Engler these are a few safety protocols that can help you stay safe from getting infected from the novel coronavirus. It’s a smart call to exercise prevention than behaving carelessly and getting infected. It also helps to boost your immunity.

Few other survival tactics during the lockdown

While maintaining social distancing and the cleanliness protocols might seem easy, staying at home for a prolonged time is indeed challenging. We are cut-off from the daily course of life, i.e., going out on weekend travels, meeting friends, watching movies, attending concerts, being out on nature, taking yoga retreats, and many more.

Do you resonate with it? If yes, you could make use of the following tactics during the lockdown period.

  1. Video call your friends

Since meeting your friends is not recommended now, a video call comes handy. Make use of messenger video call options and have a heart-to-heart conversion. You can also plan the conversation around tea-time or snacking time during the evening and share a hearty discussion. The sharing will make you feel happy, and you won’t feel alone as well.

  • Take up an online course

You don’t need to get back to a school or college academic structure for this. Today, there are esteemed organizations, institutions, and universities providing exciting online courses on interesting topics and subjects. The subjects span from politics, literature, philosophy, computer and software programming, religion and mysticism, and the like. You can browse through the course details, timing, duration, and opt-in for the one that resonates most with you.

  • Watch your best movies

When life hits us down, movies help us feel elevated and supported. It’s the time to binge-watch some of your best films and get back the faith and confidence that things will become better. Also, if you always wanted to make a collection of the best movies in your laptop drive or external hard drive, you have all the time to sort this now.

  • Learn a new skill

Your social media timelines must be spamming by now with the best lockdown recipes. Cooking seems to be a newfound lockdown passion for most people. Don’t fret if you can’t make the time-consuming recipes. Easy does it! You can make your simple, homemade recipes a trend. Start by preparing the daily cereal bowl uniquely and presenting it creatively. After that, you can gradually proceed to easy to bake recipes and then to advanced ones, if you want.

Furthermore, there’s no rule that you have to take an interest in cooking. If you want, you can start making soaps, bath salts, candles and the like. You can get basic materials online. Today, the online grocery and essential delivery services maintain ample safety protocols, to keep your parcels clean and free from any contamination.

  • Pray for the world

Most of us pray every day as a chore. We don’t have our hearts in it, take out about five to ten minutes to pray, with all the love and compassion in your heart, for your family and the world. You can even write down your prayer in your journal. It will instill a sense of peace, calm, and well-being in you. Also, you will feel connected to the entire human race, which will lessen your worry and deepen your faith.

These are some of the simple and essential ways you can stay safe and calm during the global lockdown, while the earth and pandemic heal in its own time.