4 Ways To Show Your Kids Love As Per Jonah Engler

When it comes to your family, you do not need a special moment to celebrate. You can take the opportunity of thousands of things to express your love to the little ones. Make sure that your kids know that they are loved and cared for by you. According to Jonah Engler, you may know that you love your children more than anything in the world, but what is more important is that even they should know that they are important. They should know that they are worthy of love and that their parents love them the most. This can be done by little gestures of love that can help them in understanding this. 1.   Learn To Listen To Them - Jonah Engler While you may know how important your children are to you, let them know by listening to them. Whenever they express something, learn to listen to it and be interested in whatever they are saying. You need to ask their opinions and encourage them to express their thoughts and ideas. This will help them feel confident and worthy. Whenever there is a family decision that they can understand, make sure that they are a part of it. It can be as little as deciding to order something at a restaurant, or it can be about deciding on the furniture for their room. Let them help…

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Jonah Engler  Tips for Becoming a Good Father

Becoming a father is a blessing that not many get to enjoy – the joy you get from holding a mini-you in your hands for the first time is unexplainable. But joy is not the only thing that a newborn baby brings with itself – with a newborn baby in your house comes a lot of responsibility and it requires some serious work. However, most new dads are unaware of how they can help with a newborn baby and put their fair share of effort in raising a child. While there is no doubt that a mother plays a much bigger role in raising a newborn baby, a father's role is also very essential. You might think your job is to achieve financial stability for your family, but that's not true; as a father, you must be present emotionally and physically to raise your newborn baby. If you are a newborn baby's father, this article is for you. Jonah Engler realizes that new fathers struggle to play a role in raising newborn babies and leave most of the work to the mother; therefore, he brought you a few tips that can help you become a good father to your newborn baby. Jonah Engler: Tips for Becoming a Good Father to Newborn Baby Communicate with your Baby This might sound funny; newborn babies hardly keep their eyes open,…

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