Jonah Engler – 3 Values You Must Teach Your Child from the Get-Go

Raising a child is tricky because what you teach them today is what they will be when they grow up. Therefore, parents need to be vigilant with what they preach to their child to ensure their kid becomes rich and successful and a good human being when they grow up. However, most parents are unaware of what they should teach their children. Parents send their kids to school and assume they will learn everything there, but that’s not true. Jonah Engler emphasizes that a school may provide your child with education and teach language, numbers, science, and academic learning, but school teachers alone cannot teach your kid values. That is something only a parent can do best. Parents want their children to have strong values when they grow to be adults but fail to teach them those values from an early age. Hence, we came up with this list of important values that every parent must teach their child from the get-go. Jonah Engler’s 3 Values to Teach your Kid from an Early Age 1.     Honesty and Integrity Honesty is an important trait that takes you a long way. Kids usually tend to lie when they think they’ve made a mistake or when they are scared of getting scolded by their parents – but we as adults brush it off by calling it cute. And this is…

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