Jonah Engler’s Advice On Teaching Kids To Be Grateful

In the era of smartphones, when a  young kid is seen carrying an expensive iPhone, teaching gratitude to your child is very important.  There are some tips recommended by Jonah Engler that can help your children become grateful. 1.   Show Your Kids Gratitude - Jonah Engler While it is quite an easy one, people often miss doing this. The kids must see you expressing gratitude. Observing the parents and learning from them is something that all the children do. Model behavior that you want them to pursue. If you need to instill a feeling of gratitude in them, do it in a way that provides a chance for the kids to learn from you. It can be something small like you can just look at the weather and express: Such beautiful weather, so glad that I could enjoy nature with you. Or it can be as you unpacked the groceries: So many things to keep, so fortunate that we can get all these healthy things.  Even though it may not look like much, it helps your child understand that we should be thankful for everything. 2.   Assigning Chores Of The House - Jonah Engler One more thing to teach your kids gratitude is that you need to assign house chores to your kids. This will help build responsibility in them and also helps in nurturing a sense…

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