Transcendental Meditation: 6 Reasons to Practice

According to Jonah Engler, transcendental meditation (TM) is one of the most popular relaxation methods around the world. It’s been practiced since the 1950s and has continued to grow in popularity over the past several decades, and with good reason—research shows that TM not only relaxes us but also improves our cognitive abilities and creative potential. If you’re interested in trying out this meditation method yourself, here are five reasons why you should practice Transcendental Meditation. 5 Reasons Why Transcendental Meditation 1.    Reduces Stress Stress can cause a number of health conditions, including insomnia, hypertension, and depression. Our body’s response to stress—known as fight or flight—causes increased heart rate and blood pressure; researchers have found that transcendental meditation may help reduce these effects while promoting psychological well-being. A study published in Medical Science Monitor also found that stress reduction through meditation leads to an increase in natural killer cell activity against cancer cells. 2.    Improves Focus As per Jonah Engler, because transcendental meditation requires silence and a comfortable position, it encourages one-pointedness. This has benefits for both work and relationships, as we can make fewer mistakes and have an easier time empathizing with others. Transcendental meditation also improves our ability to concentrate. Studies show that people who meditate are less likely to get distracted than those who don’t. 3.    Boosts Creativity The regular practice of transcendental meditation…

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